Infinity Health has always been professional, polite, informative, and - very importantly - prompt with their communication and with their results. As a treating surgeon, it is my impression that their work is painstaking and fair to all concerned. I recommend them highly!
Santi Rao, MD
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Pharmacy Card

Prescriptions filled on a lien with no up-front cost to the attorney, physician or patient.
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How to use our Receivables Purchase Program
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Patient Services

Our Funding Program
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Medical Care on a Lien

Infinity Health Connections is a lien funding company and has an extensive network of specialist health care providers, including hospitals and surgery centers. Since being established in 1997, our mission has been to assist patients to receive healthcare that was previously denied and to provide as many medical care options as possible by funding the cost of medical care for patients. Infinity provides ongoing support to medical providers and works with attorneys and their clients with no hidden or upfront fees, to provide medical care on a lien.

The practice of personal injury law is very rewarding and challenging. In this economically challenging time, when insurance companies are strapped for cash and appear to increasingly and unnecessarily delay the settlement of even the most “slam dunk” personal injury case, attorneys must also assist their clients in receiving much-needed medical care. This is one of the challenges with which Infinity can assist attorneys. Infinity provides a win-win situation for all concerned by providing the funding for medically necessary lien-based services. Attorneys can use Infinity to assist in locating medical specialties that may be needed by their clients. Many attorneys do not have the time or resources to convince healthcare providers to

a) locate specialty health care services, or
b) accept a lien-based patient

Infinity prides itself on its professionalism and customer-friendly service.