Benefits For Attorneys

• We facilitate your patients’ medical needs on a lien.
• You can use Infinity as an extension of your staff, thereby freeing up staff, that is dedicated to searching for a physician or healthcare facility.
• Your patients are free to select a physician of their choice and that is convenient to their home.
• A much-needed surgery is done prior to settlement, eliminating the question of juries and defense attorneys of whether a surgery is really necessary.
• Costs of surgery are now real rather than estimates.
• Your patients have a duty to mitigate their damages, and by seeking treatment this duty is fulfilled.
• With Infinity’s longevity of almost 20 years in the industry and its expertise, we are able to assist patients to receive medically necessary care at costs that are reasonable and customary.
• Provide us with CPT codes by fax, phone or e-mail, and we will provide you with average surgical costs – free of charge!
• Pharmaceuticals on a lien – no need for patients to pay out of pocket for much needed and expensive pain medications. Send us the prescriptions via e-script or complete the information and we will ship the medications direct to the patient’s/attorney’s home, and carry the lien until settlement.
• Web Portal Access allows you and your staff to stay up-to-date on your patients’ medical treatments and medical bills.
• Funding of costs for medical record requests for attorneys.

  • Inefficiencies of the record and bill collection process can slow the case down
  • Record retrieval, indexing the record, and getting a good medical summary can be labor intensive for law firm staff
  • Data Storage is costly, always growing and time consuming to manage
  • Managing cash flow is challenging
  • Bank loans and lines of credit are limited or hard to get solution
  • Bills & Records will be available faster and more efficiently (Electronically)
  • Records are securely stored online by our Partner GPmicro saving you time and costly storage fees.
  • Chronological Option: We will capture the who, what, when, where and user defined clinical data from each relevant medical encounter, presented in Chronological order.
  • Staff has more time for other duties
  • Cash is now available to advance firm growth

Do you want to defer the costs for medical records until case settlement?

In this scenario, Infinity will provide medical records with deferred payment until settlement of the case or a decision is reached

We will defer payment for an order for up to 12 months with the optimized work-flow and data storage services provided by Infinity.
Would this help you with your monthly cash flow?
If you say ‘YES’ to all three questions, then Infinity can help you.

Chronological and Medical Summary Option

Receive 500 pages for FREE* (Indexing &

Medical Summary), on your first case.* Limited as a onetime introductory offer per Law Firm

  • Create a comprehensive Medical Index.
  • Sort the medical records Chronologically, either in ascending or descending order.
  • Sort by user defined Categories, such as by Provider and Date Range.
  • Purge duplicates, other patients’ records and non-related documentation to a separate “dump” file, returned with each completed assignment.
  • Accommodate special instructions anytime you request.
  • Supplemental records may be integrated with the previous file anytime they are available.
  • Insert section tab sheets and bookmarks.
  • Completed Records are delivered in PDF format for easy sharing, for access on the go from your iPad or printing.
  • Bates Numbering for a permanent record.
  • Hyperlinks may be embedded into the Medical Index for instant file navigation of even the largest, multi-year & multi-provider files

Unlock the medical information found in Medical Negligence & Malpractice, Catastrophic Personal Injury, Birth Injury, Brain Injury and more. We’re experts at extracting critical clinical information, transcribing hand-written notes and organizing crazy files, allowing you to take on more complex cases without adding overhead.

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