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The practice of personal injury law is very rewarding and challenging. In this economically challenging time, when insurance companies are strapped for cash and appear to increasingly and unnecessarily delay the settlement of even the most “slam dunk” personal injury case, attorneys must also assist their patients in receiving much-needed medical care. This is one of the challenges with which Infinity can assist attorneys.

Infinity provides personal injury funding for medical providers such as medical doctors, surgery centers, hospitals, imaging facilities, orthopedics, as well as pain management providers and many more. We can work with the providers of your client’s choice to provide for the best medical care available. We take the time to evaluate your client’s situation and make sure that even with low policy limits the available medical treatments are maximized. We understand your and your client’s difficult situation while waiting on a settlement. That’s why we take the risk based on your case merits to make sure that your client is taken care of to avoid any financial struggles which usually arise during the period of time it takes to reach a personal injury lawsuit settlement. We make our services of personal injury funding as smooth and easy to use as possible including access to our secure web portal with access to your client’s medical records and provider invoices without the hassles of having to deal with banks and loans. Infinity not only provides funding for your personal injury clients but also can help with medical records retrieval and indexing.

Infinity provides a win-win situation for all concerned by providing the financing for medically necessary lien-based services. Infinity has no upfront or hidden fees, and attorneys can use Infinity to assist in locating any medical specialty that may be needed by their patients. Many attorneys do not have the time or resources to convince healthcare providers to

a) locate some specialties, or
b) accept a lien-based patient. Infinity prides itself on its professionalism and customer-friendly service.

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