Health Care Providers
“As an Orthopedic surgeon, many of the patients I see are involved in accidents of one sort or the other. When they unfortunately do not have insurance coverage for the treatment that they need, some companies such as Infinity Health have stepped up to resolve this blockage of the care the patients need. This allows the patient to proceed not only with physician care, but to obtain investigations, tests, and hospital care coverage. Organizing and bringing this to a fruitful culmination is an intricate task, and one that I gladly only peripherally know about! Infinity Health with Anne Pantelas at the helm, has always been professional, polite, informative, and – very importantly – prompt with their communication and with their results. As a treating surgeon, it is my impression that their work is painstaking and fair to all concerned. I recommend them highly!”

Santi Rao, MD

“Everyone at Infinity Capital Management are very friendly and compassionate people that truly show that they care about the people that they help. We have used their services to help fund several of our clients that would have had no other options for funding their medical treatment or surgeries. Anne and the staff are always available to answer any questions. I would recommend their services to anyone seeking help with funding medical care on a lien.”

James Apple,
Legal Assistant at Robert M. Apple & Associates Attorneys at Law

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