Examples for Health Care Providers

Infinity has helped thousands of patients to receive health care either because it was denied by the patients’ health insurance carrier or because the patient did not have health insurance.  Infinity’s mission is to provide as many medical care options as possible by funding the costs of medical care for patients. Infinity provides ongoing support to medical providers and works with attorneys and their clients to help them succeed, with no hidden or upfront fees.

The practice of personal injury law is very rewarding but in this economically challenging time, when insurance companies are strapped for cash and appear to increasingly and unnecessarily delay the settlement of even the most “slam dunk” personal injury cases, attorneys must also assist their clients in receiving much-needed medical care. Infinity provides a win-win situation for all concerned by providing the funding for medically necessary lien-based services.

Key Benefits for Providers

Situations where Providers have used Infinity’s Receivables Purchase Program

  1. Growing practices and healthcare facilities.
  2. Practices with uneven Cash Flow.
  3. Practices that want to outsource their lien department.
  4. Uses for the cash generated have included:
  5. Meeting current Accounts Payable obligations.
  6. Purchasing equipment.
  7. Implementing growth strategies.
  8. Opening or purchasing additional facilities.
  9. Hiring additional employees.
  10. Helping smooth out peaks/valleys associated with waiting for 3rd party reimbursements.

The Personal Injury Accounts Receivables Purchasing Program is another funding service Infinity provides to providers.  Infinity will acquire existing provider liens that were not subject to the underwriting process. Usually, the outright purchase of existing liens only makes sense when the provider no longer wants to carry liens and is looking for a lien funding source for past and future liens. Infinity will complete due diligence and evaluation of the existing liens and other documents to make an offer to the provider. Infinity does case and document verification such as ensuring the legal documents are signed and service billings have been properly processed.

Benefits for Providers Patients

  1. Infinity works with a comprehensive network of health care providers with a wide range of specialty services.
  2. A patient will receive treatment in a timely fashion and does not need to wait for several years before a lawsuit is won or settled. A patient can heal quicker, return to work faster and get on with life sooner.
  3. Infinity administers all necessary paperwork, works with the health care providers and attorneys to move a case along.
  4. The patient and his/her medical provider are in control of the patient’s treatment.
  5. A patient does not have any upfront out-of-pocket expenses, such as co-pays, deductibles and fees during the treatment.
  6. Even pharmaceuticals, such as pain medication, can be provided on a lien basis. Infinity is contracted with a provider that issues prescription cards to fill medications (if authorized by Infinity) at many pharmacies such as CVS, Walgreens, etc. nationwide.
  7. Infinity can also help a patient to receive a cost-of-living loan, to cover essential expenses, such as rent, car payments etc., on a case by case basis.

Uses for the cash generated have included:

  • Meeting current Accounts Payable obligations.
  • Purchasing equipment.
  • Implementing growth strategies.
  • Opening or purchasing additional facilities.
  • Hiring additional employees.
  • Helping smooth out peaks/valleys associated with waiting for 3rd party reimbursements.


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