Lien Program

Infinity’s Lien Program for Health Care Providers

Infinity’s level of assistance is flexible and can be tailored to your specific needs as your cash flow needs change.

Whichever option you choose represents a new source of revenue for you.
Option 1: Infinity accepts the total financial risk of a lien by paying you the agreed upon contracted amount for any services that you provide to a lien patient.
Option 2: If you already have adequate cash flow then Infinity can assist you in assessing the risk of a case and to ensure that you can successfully treat your lien patients by having access to our wide network of providers and hospitals that are already part of Infinity’s family.

Infinity’s commitment to you

Infinity’s aim is to provide a win-win for all concerned by providing the financing for medically necessary lien-based services. Infinity has no upfront or hidden fees, and if required you can use Infinity to assist in locating any medical specialty that may be needed by your patients.

Our program improves the treatment of your patients. We know that physicians want to provide quality care to their patients, such as quality diagnostic and other specialist’ care without complicated or conflicting payment sources; also physicians avoid extensive delays in getting prescribed treatments for their patients, which is typically the situation if finances need to be worked out with multiple institutional providers.

With Infinity’s program physicians can count on an efficient, reliable process whereby they can refer patients, receive speedy assessments and thereby reach a diagnosis prior to committing to the direction of care for their patients.

At all times physicians can remain in control of their patient’s entrusted care yet receive excellent service from Infinity without impacting their already busy staff or increasing their costs.

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