Infinity Health Connections (Infinity) finances medical care on a lien.

This is done, after Infinity has completed comprehensive due diligence on case related issues. Our pre-authorization process (which is extremely efficient) ensures that patients are treated fast and with the utmost respect and care by these facilities.

Our network is comprised of specialty providers, hospitals and surgical centers in various com-munities nationwide. Our mission is to provide as many treatment options to the patient as possible.
Specialty Providers that join Infinity’s network have the opportunity to expand their practice into personal injury. Practices can rely on Infinity’s expertise in pre-screening and following up each patient’s case. Therefore, physicians who are members of our network no longer need to deal with all the administrative details and headaches of a personal injury lien-based practice.

Providers can choose from either of two options, depending on which suits each physician’s preference and/or practice. These options may be expanded in the future to include more choices for our network providers.

Option One
The first option is to allow providers the opportunity to contract with Infinity, whereby they would agree to sell their interests in personal injury receivables. The sale would be at the agreed contracted price specified in the Agreement and is based on CPT codes. Such a contract would totally eliminate all the risks of reduced payment or non-payment, which are typically associated when a physician accepts a personal injury patient. Note: this option allows for immediate receipt of cash shortly after the date of service, payment occurs within 30 days of receiving billing information from a physician’s practice.
Option Two
The second option is for network physicians to retain the ownership of their personal injury receivables. In so doing, physicians retain some of the risks of operating in the personal injury area. As a member of the network, this option allows physicians to use Infinity’s services to pre-screen patients as well as to do the follow-up (including coordinating with the attorney) and other administrative details. Since Infinity specializes in the pre-screening of personal injury patients, a practice’s risks are significantly reduced.
Although our goal is to facilitate care, one other advantage in being part of a network such as ours, is that physicians are able to know before a patient is seen in their office, whether the patient meets the criteria for a receiving medical care under a Personal Injury. This is similar to any other insurance company pre-authorization process.

As a final note, Infinity emphasizes that it charges no administration and/or any other fees, which are not fully disclosed.

For more information on how you can join the Infinity network of providers please call us at 877-746-3497.

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