Medical Records

Cost Deferred Medical Records

Do you outsource medical record retrieval?

  • Inefficiencies of the record and bill collection process can slow the case down
  • Record retrieval, indexing the record, and getting a good medical summary can be labor intensive for law firm staff
  • Data Storage is costly, always growing and time consuming to manage
  • Managing cash flow is challenging
  • Bank loans and lines of credit are limited or hard to get Solution
  • Bills & Records will be available faster and more efficiently (Electronically)
  • Records are securely stored online by our Partner GP Micro saving you time and costly storage fees.
  • Chronological Option : We will capture the who, what, when, where and user defined clinical data from each relevant medical encounter, presented in Chronological order.
  • Staff has more time for other duties
  • Cash is now available to advance firm growth

Do you want to defer the costs for medical records until case settlement?

  • In this scenario, Infinity will provide medical records with deferred payment until settlement of the case or a decision is reached
  • We will defer payment for an order for up to 12 months with the optimized work-flow and data storage services provided by Infinity.

Would this help you with your monthly cash flow?

If you say ‘YES’ to all three questions, then Infinity can help you.

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